Master Navigator
of the Mare Incognitum
of International IT and IP Law

The remedies to overcome the uncharted perils for operations dependent on Multi-Jurisdiction Intellectual Property and Information Technology Laws are only now emerging and difficult to chart.

As with ancient mariners sailing the Mare Incognitum, ignorance and unpreparedness will sink an endeavour – these New, Ultra-Complex Mechanisms of Modern Law present a similar challenge especially to international operations.

Help is at hand.

Dr. Bandey’s global legal expertise and long experience of emergent Information Technologies enables his unique abilities. And it is his particular ability to chart the optimum courses of action and engineer the mechanics of the law - that make, for those he advises, the difference between success, survival, or sinking.

Dr. J. G. Goldsworth. Barrister-at-Law. Middle Temple.


Dr. Brian Bandey is acknowledged as one of the world's leading experts on Information Technology Law and the International application of Intellectual Property Law to Computer, Internet, Big & Small Data and Cloud Programming Technologies.

In this website you are invited to learn of his long experience and hard-won expertise – both academic and legal-commercial.

And, importantly, to do so not by what he says of himself: but instead you are invited to hear of what others say of him and his work. To understand his legal services exclusively through the eyes and experience of his clients.