"Put quite simply, Brian is one of the most skilled legal advisers a company can have.

If you are in the software or internet services space, then you need someone with detailed knowledge of Contract and IP Law.

I can think of no finer or more comprehensively skilled adviser."

Ed Macnair
CEO at CensorNet

"I have used Dr. Bandey many times to support Marketing, Sales and Lead Generation activities. In my experience of subject-matter experts, it is a very rare individual who can explain highly-technical subjects so that they are understandable to the layman, never mind commercially-motivating.

Whether it's in the creation of concise, pithy Whitepapers or giving memorable presentations, Dr. Bandey delivers his encyclopaedic knowledge of the law, translated into an understandable and relevant form, which can be used to effectively support commercial objectives.

He is quick to understand the commercial landscape and to provide a unique perspective and new ideas for how to best approach it."

Rebecca Johns
Marketing Consultancy, Social Media Consultancy and Training

Patient, thoughtful and erudite, with a QC's razor wit and master raconteur - I recommend to you Dr. Brian Bandey. I guarantee that after meeting him your view of the world will never be the same!

Simon Wilcox
Product Marketing Manager: Semafone

I've worked with Dr. Bandey a number of times on the legal dimensions of Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis. He is able to identify the nuances of technologies and marry it to his encyclopaedic knowledge of international law, but all in a fashion that can be completely understood. Dr. Bandey helped me understand and navigate the legal dimensions of deploying Cloud and Big Data solutions in an international context.

David Jonker
Vice President, SAP Insights Research Centre: SAP

"I have used and been involved in the use of Dr. Bandey's unique services over many years now. I say 'unique' since he is a legal academic, published law author, and specialist IP/IT Law practitioner who is internationally 'head and shoulders' above the rest.

His Contracts are secure and easy to implement resulting in a reduced sales-cycles and guaranteed revenue. He is an accomplished and adaptable negotiator, draughtsman (of contracts) and is able to see his way through difficulties whilst the rest are simply stumped. The deal will always get done!!

You can tell he writes Law Textbooks on the subjects of Software and Internet Law from his mastery of the subjects. So your organisation's IP is identified, organised and protected (both structurally and contractually)."

He knows every wrinkle and every pitfall - making sure you don't stumble into them. If you're unlucky to be in a Dispute - Dr. Bandey is a formidable ally. Imaginative in finding a resolution - but from a position of strength and certainty. As a Supplier he is flexible and generous. You can always call him direct and receive some instant entrée to your problem - and not fear an unexpected invoice later. There can never be any argument over the Value-For-Money that Dr. Bandey delivers - on every occasion, time and time again.

Roy Garlick
Business Development Manager at Freight Finders Limited