Information Technology Law Agreements

Brian is a Doctor of Law with no peers in this arena either in the UK or on a global stage; he is a computer software copyright and contract expert. Dr. Bandey's agreements are clear concise and watertight without being onerously biased toward the vendor.

Over the 10 years that Dr. Bandey has acted for companies that I have helped manage, he has saved tens of thousands of pounds in circumstances where software licence misuse has been stopped or compensated owing solely to the strength of the contract in place.

Dr. Bandey has on a number of occasions also ably trained my teams of senior sales personnel in the basics of contact negotiation and on potential pitfalls associated with agreeing to legal terminology without understanding the principles of legal construction. If you want the best in this field he is your man.

Roland Allen
General Manager EMEA: Futurex

International Contract Negotiation Support

I've known Dr. Bandey professionally for almost 10 years. During that time I have called upon him to deploy a variety of his comprehensive legal services. These have included Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property and Business Value Building: utilising, and in some cases, adapting his portfolio of Standard Agreements and also International Contract Negotiation.

Business often runs beyond 9 to 5 through the week and for such a specialist he has consistently delivered an incredibly high quality of service, often in extremely trying and tight timelines.

As a niche business we continue to be impressed with his practice's proactive approach - warning you of changes in the Law, automatically updating Standard Agreements and suggesting solutions and new methodologies. Dealing in many cases with much larger entities we appreciated the gravitas brought to bear supporting our business in 'punching above our weight'.

Martyn Hope
Global VP Business Acceleration: Evosys

For those of us not steeped in the law, it is also important that we are helped to understand everything that's going on. Dr. Bandey's mastery of his subject means that he is able to support us, our partners and customers in this area which aids the process of concluding effective agreements as quickly and smoothly as possible.

His attention to detail and to making sure that he knows and understands our business means that he is able to attend meetings and participate in conference calls as a real and meaningful part of your team.

I feel we are lucky to be able to work with Brian and his support 'over and beyond' what one might normally expect from a retained legal counsel has again proved invaluable to moving agreements forward to a successful conclusion on several occasions.

Roland Bullivant
BVP Business Development: Silwood Technology

Something very important struck me when Dr. Bandey was assisting in an important contract with a (then potential) strategic new customer. A prospect with a large, obviously influential legal department.

I have often found in such circumstances one's commercial team finds themselves uncomfortably sandwiched, without a voice, between the opposing legal combatants. But suddenly it was obvious that I had a new team member. An expert in what they do that is willing to do whatever is necessary to help you win the deal. But more than that, proactively providing that particular, critical professional advice on what you can accept (if the 'devil drives') and what you just cannot.

Dr. Bandey is at your side. So that you can explain to your opposite number why you cannot accept something in reasonable, business-understandable, and compelling terms. And then get the deal.

Neale Hunt
Chief Operating Officer: The Diversity Standards Collective

IT Intellectual Property Law and Value-Building

If your business creates software or internet products (especially if you're an owner-director) you must use Dr. Bandey. You will need Patents, Copyright, Trademarks and Domain Name ownership explained; and then actioned in terms that will not only protect your development investment, protect your business, but also build value in it.

If you operate or transact business internationally - then Dr. Bandey is the must, must have. His multinational technical knowledge just beats all others hands-down which is not only very encouraging; but really assists the deal getting done. Where other legal advisers are flagging - Dr. Bandey will have the answer. Easy to deal with, affordable, business-savvy and always effective.

Tim Capps
Managing Director EMEA: Proficio LLC

Dr. Bandey was recommended to me and it's only relatively recently that we've become his client.

And suddenly Dr. Bandey is at your side. He translates his obviously deep understanding of Intellectual Property Law into how your products and services can be transformed to increase your business's value. What lawyer can (within 6 months) explain and narrate your business model back to you within a legal context - and has thought through business features you'd yet to consider yourself?

All within this uncapped service framework where there's no 'penny pinching', no 'nickel & diming' and no additional, unexpected bills. I'm looking forward to working with him more. I have a feeling that even with so great a beginning, there is still better to come.

Neale Hunt
Chief Operating Officer: The Diversity Standards Collective

Brian is one of those rare individuals whose skills live up to their reputation. He has actually 'written the book' when it comes to International Intellectual Property and Information Technology law and is one of the world's leading specialists in these areas. As such I trust him to support our company as we grow and in particular as we expand our partner network.

As a small company, it is especially critical that we protect our Intellectual Property whilst at the same time ensuring that our agreements are fair, comprehensible and reflect the nature of the way that we actually do business with our partners and customers. Brian's input is invaluable, whether it be drafting, providing considered opinions or ensuring that final agreements are technically perfect and contain tried and tested, defendable provisions.

Roland Bullivant
VP Business Development: Silwood Technology

Cloud Computing and Big Data

I've worked with Dr. Bandey a number of times on the legal dimensions of Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis. He is able to identify the nuances of technologies and marry it to his encyclopaedic knowledge of international law, but all in a fashion that can be completely understood. Dr. Bandey helped me understand and navigate the legal dimensions of deploying Cloud and Big Data solutions in an international context.

David Jonker
Vice President, SAP Insights Research Centre: SAP

Marketing, Thought-Leadership and Lead-Generation Support

In his capacity as legal expert on the subject of Internet Law Dr. Bandey has written white papers, presented at customer webinars and to our sales and channel organisation as well as advised on the technical legal aspects of product datasheets and marketing collateral. It's difficult to describe his blend of functional technology/IT/software industry knowledge and international legal expertise.

Explaining complex matters in easy to understand layman's terms. That's what you get with Dr. Bandey. When he presents you can imagine him working the courtroom. His presentation style captures the audience and he rarely refers to notes and delivers his messages freeform with an injection of humour while remaining authoritative when interacting with participants and delegates.

Dr. Bandey is not always 'on the clock' which is very unusual for his profession. As a marketeer with a limited budget I benefited from regularly updated materials such as white papers and he will often inject value into a campaign idea, discuss his new (often yet unpublished) research to provide insights; or attend a briefing meeting - at no fee

Ellynora Nichol
Consultant in Marketing, Strategy, Advisory, Technology, Cybersecurity

Virtual In-House Counsel

As an Operations Director covering every aspect of the business, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Bandey for some years now. And I work with him (usually) every week and, sometimes every day if a high-profile project is involved.

Compared with his competitors (I don't think he would concede there are any), I need to say that we must take the incredibly high quality of his service as a true given. One would think that would affect responsiveness - but it doesn't at all. His practice service is extremely responsive.

We all know that sometimes sales support unavoidably demands repetitive fast turnarounds - involving both legal advice and bespoke contract drafting. The deal can always be done - on time, without legal department disruption, and (critically) closed on a high-quality agreement.

You know that a sense of duty is owed to you. It's a little 'old school' but you always know Dr. Bandey is thoroughly dedicated to the best interests of his client.

I also need to highlight the brand-new and imaginative legal thinking on company Intellectual Property that Dr. Bandey develops for you - all which results in increased company value and secured branding (now and for the future).

And where product development includes a legal element, Dr. Bandey is there to add value and insight. A value and insight that can even be translated into marketing, branding and thought-leadership activities.

Ever 'popped in' to a valued colleagues' office for some insight or support? That's what it's like dealing with Dr. Bandey. Open the door to his virtual office and speak direct to your own in-house legal expert and receive both the support you asked for but also the support you needed, but of which you weren't aware.

I believe in Dr. Bandey's field it is rare (if not unheard of) to find legal counsel that consistently takes such measures to go above and beyond to secure the very best outcome for their client without being 'on the clock' or truly employed in-house. Dr. Bandey consistently demonstrates a genuine interest and investment in his client's success, in a far wider capacity than just the application of the Law. Not to mention the sheer amount that you will learn from working with him!

Emily Thomas
Operations Director: SOLA Group

What if your legal advisor really understood your business needs? What if they became a valued and much-loved member of your team? What if they understood what it means to be an Owner-Director of a SME? And what if that service was really high-quality, proactive, and never gave you a nasty surprise on fees?

You probably don't believe you could get a service like that, but you can. It's why Vinehouse has been a client of Dr. Bandey for more than a decade.

The security of my Intellectual Property and Copyright Works is mission-critical. Originally Dr. Bandey helped us with a difficult IP situation where someone had, without permission, published my best-selling work on the internet so it was free to all. Eventually our relationship turned into a long-term, weekly meeting, Virtual In-House Counsel Service.

What can Dr. Bandey do for you? He covers all those annoying things that are too complicated to do for yourself and that you really don't want to spend your time doing, including: Click-Wrap Contracts (I didn't even know they were called that till I met him), Privacy (GDPR) Law, Equality Law and Intellectual Property Law. He also checks that there are no more infringements of our IP.

It is a continuous, year-in year-out, relentless securing of the legal integrity of your business.

It's not just for the UK. Your business with your overseas clients where you need to be compliant with their local law - is also secured. It's all safeguarded. Not in that annoying, unworkable fashion that some traditional advisers often can't move beyond - but safeguarding and, at the same time, enabling your business and its development.

Do get in touch with him - he also has a great sense of humour, which we very much appreciate in what can be a rather 'dry' area.

Nancy Slessenger
Managing Director: Vinehouse essential and Vinehouse Hiring

Multi-Jurisdictional Litigation Management & Supervision

We worked with Brian on a complicated IP dispute involving French, British and American companies. Brian was coordinating the various litigations pending both in France, UK and in the US which, given the major differences between our legal systems, legal cultures and time zones was quite a tough job . Merci encore!

Nina Bitoun
Mission Librairie et Chaîne du Livre chez Ville de Paris
Direction des Affaires Culturelles and Adjointe au chef du Bureau de la Propriété Intellectuelle Paris. Avocat.

Dispute Resolution

If you're in a real fix, embroiled in a complex contract dispute and someone recommends an expert to help you - it's often hard to believe that's what they'll really be.

But Dr. Bandey is the definition of a true expert. He produces unassailable legal analyses that the other side just can't knock down - but explains to you exactly what the law is, what he's doing it and why he's doing it whilst making common-sense. Making it easier to take the right decision at a difficult time.

Not only is he active and relentless; but he also identifies closely with his client and supports them. If you need to speak to him - you get to speak to him. Need help to get your mind clear on the weekend - he'll help. He produces sensible settlement through strength.

Scott McCalmont
Licence Rights Management and Compliance Manager: SAP