Dr. Brian Bandey is acknowledged as one of the world's leading experts on Information Technology Law and the international application of Intellectual Property Law to Computer and Internet Programming Technologies.

His experience in the global computer law environment spans decades and he routinely advises on and drafts contracts in respect of almost every specie of legal arrangement that the world computer software and internet industries make. Dr. Bandey services the needs of multinational software and system houses for specialist intellectual property - computer - internet law advice throughout the world. Often acting as virtual in-house counsel.

He is the author of the definitive legal practitioners textbook on "International Copyright in Computer Program Technology". This work is recognised as being the first definitive text which examines all of the principal technologies employed in the development, manufacture, use and general exploitation of all computer program types; thereafter applying the Law of Copyright (in the United Kingdom, USA and the European Union). It is cited regularly and internationally by other senior academic practitioners.1 Another edition to this work is in progress together with works on Big Data and Cloud Law, e-Safety Law and Transborder Data Protection and Sovereignty Law.

Dr. Bandey's academic legal opinions are regularly published throughout the world. His articles appear internationally: e.g., articles on "Multimedia Law" and "Computer-Generated Works" published in the New Zealand Intellectual Property Journal and more recently "Over-categorisation in Copyright Law: Computer and Internet Programming Perspectives" in the prestigious European Intellectual Property Review.2

His commentaries on contemporary IT legal issues have been syndicated by the BBC and Washington Post, among others. Among the many papers Dr. Bandey has presented internationally are ones on Copyright in Computer-Generated Multimedia Works (National and European Conference on Law, Computers and Artificial Intelligence) and on IT Intellectual Property: Global Management through the Offshore Holding Entity (International Symposia sponsored by the Republic of the Seychelles).

Besides the presentation of academic papers at Oxford University - Dr. Bandey has taught at the Intellectual Property Summer School at the London School of Economics, London, England and as an Associate Professor at the University of Tulsa, College of Law.

Dr. Bandey studied for a Second Doctorate of Law advancing the state of the art in the Intellectual Property in the Construction, Structure and Operation of Internet-based Technologies with St. Peter's College at the University of Oxford in England. He is an alumnus Research Associate of the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre.

Some of his other current, additional, and major research threads include:

  • Cloud Computing Technology IP Law connective with Small & Big Data Law;
  • The Law on Custodianship and Ownership of Big Data Aggregation and Monetisation;
  • Patent Registration and Copyright Growth for Systematized, Algorithmic Business Processes.
  1. As just one example, see "Intellectual Property" by W.R. Cornish QC - Emeritus Herschel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property Law at Cambridge University.
  2. The view has been taken that little is served to list here the scores of Dr. Bandey's academic papers and other publications. Dr. Bandey is not a 'self-published' author.