"Dr. Bandey is the definition of a true expert. He produces unassailable legal analyses that the other side just can't knock down - but explains to you exactly what the law is, what he's doing it and why he's doing it whilst making common-sense. Making it easier to take the right decision..."

Scott McCalmont
Licence Rights Management and Compliance Manager: SAP

"Ever 'popped in' to a valued colleagues' office for some insight or support? That's what it's like dealing with Dr. Bandey. Open the door to his virtual office and speak direct to your own in-house legal expert and receive both the support you asked for but also the support you needed, but of which you weren't aware."

Emily Thomas
Operations Director: SOLA Group

"His Contracts are secure and easy to implement resulting in a reduced sales-cycles and guaranteed revenue. He is an accomplished and adaptable negotiator, draughtsman (of contracts) and is able to see his way through difficulties whilst the rest are simply stumped. The deal will always get done!!"

Simon Wilcox
Product Marketing Manager: Semafone

"Dr. Bandey makes the difficult, complex and the impenetrable seem easy and obvious. For every problem he has a complete solution, explaining why it's necessary and what will happen if you get it wrong. His reputation as a genuine expert is obviously well-deserved - but he's generous with his time, expertise, and research resources."

Roger Hemming
Owner: Roger Hemming Estate Agents

"The attribute I admire the most is his great ability to brainstorm new ideas, or new approaches to a messaging or marketing requirement, he can very quickly cut to the areas that will cost organizations the most or the ones that will affect them the most."

Bradley Anstis
Email Security Specialist: Cisco

"If your business creates software or internet products (especially if you're an owner-director) you must use Dr. Bandey. You will need Patents, Copyright, Trademarks and Domain Name ownership explained; and then actioned in terms that will not only protect your development investment, protect your business, but also build value in it"

Tim Capps
Managing Director EMEA: Proficio LLC

"You know that a sense of duty is owed to you. It's a little 'old school' but you always know Dr. Bandey is thoroughly dedicated to the best interests of his client."

Emily Thomas
Operations Director: SOLA Group

"I've known Dr. Bandey professionally for almost 10 years. During that time I have called upon him to deploy a variety of his comprehensive legal services. These have included Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property and Business Value Building, utilising, and in some cases, adapting his portfolio of Standard Agreements and also International Contract Negotiation.

Business often runs beyond 9 to 5 through the week and for such a specialist he has consistently delivered an incredibly high quality of service, often in extremely trying, tight timelines."

Martyn Hope
Global VP Business Acceleration: Evosys

"I feel we are lucky to be able to work with Brian and his support 'over and beyond' what one might normally expect from a retained legal counsel has again proved invaluable to moving agreements forward to a successful conclusion on several occasions.

His attention to detail and to making sure that he knows and understands our business means that he is able to attend meetings and participate in conference calls as a real and meaningful part of your team.

For those of us not steeped in the law, it is also important that we are helped to understand everything that's going on. Brian's mastery of his subject means that he is able to support us, our partners and customers in this area which aids the process of concluding effective agreements as quickly and smoothly as possible."

Roland Bullivant
VP Business Development: Silwood Technology

"What can Dr. Bandey do for you? He covers all those annoying things that are too complicated to do for yourself and that you really don't want to spend your time doing, including: Click-Wrap Contracts (I didn't even know they were called that till I met him), Privacy (GDPR) Law, Equality Law and Intellectual Property Law. He also checks that there are no more infringements of our IP. It is a continuous, year-in year-out, relentless securing of the legal integrity of your business."

Nancy Slessenger
Managing Director: Vinehouse essential and Vinehouse Hiring